Debut for forage harvester

25 February 2000

Debut for forage harvester

JOINING the range of trailed forage harvesters available from JF is the FCT1050 model which has, says the manufacturer, been developed with the contractor in mind. Rated at 170hp, pick-up widths of 1.8m of 2.1m can be specified.

As with other JF machines, the new model employs an upward cutting, multi-blade cylinder to which the crop is fed to by four feed rollers. Improved feed roller geometry is claimed to have increased feed intake capacity by almost 50% when compared with earlier models.

New to the FCT1050 is a mechanical clutch system incorporated in the feed roller drive to protect the cylinder from overload or large, unwelcome objects. Pro-Tec comprises a cam clutch which monitors the torque driving the rollers and disengages them instantly if an overload is detected. Once the system is cleared, the drive re-engages automatically.

Included in the specification is an option for a metal detector. Sensors in the front pair of feed rollers detect any ferrous metal in the grass flow and instantly cut the drive to the pick-up and feed rollers. The Pro-Tec clutch is also disengaged and the reverse mechanism engages neutral.

Chute control – swivel and flap angle – is via a series of electric motors, while hydraulic power operates pick-up, drawbar adjustment and an automatic trailer hitch.

Price of the FCT1050 starts at £19,750 for the 1.8m version and extends to £25,650 for the 2.1m with metal detector.

New for this years silage season is JFs FCT1050 trailed forage harvester. A mechanical clutch system protects the machine from overload.

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