Defra to spend thousands on logo

3 December 2001

Defra to spend thousands on logo

By FWi staff

THE Department for the Environment Food and Rural Affairs is to have a 20,000 makeover to boost its image, it has emerged.

Government officials have appointed the image consultancy Bamber Forstyth to create a fresh look for the department.

The company is expected to design a new logo for the department, which replaced the Ministry of Agriculture earlier this year.

Shadow Rural Affairs Secretary Peter Ainsworth has described the decision as “an appalling waste of money”.

He added: “Rural Britain is still in crisis following foot-and-mouth and Defras response is to waste its money on new logos.”

The department also revealed that 14,230 working days were lost to strike action in the six months since it was launched.

“This government believes all its problems can be solved with spin and a shiny new image,” said Mr Ainsworth.

“New image, or no new image, Defra looks like the sick man of Whitehall.”

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