Demand pushes up milk quota prices

By FWi staff

MILK quota prices have continued their upward trend over the past week, rising on the back of an increase in demand.

Leased quota has climbed over the week, with 4% butterfat trading at 6.6ppl and 3.78% at 6ppl.

The volume of quota coming on to the market has increased, said a spokesman from ADAS Quota Direct.

“However, with lessors high expectations, a large percentage of this quota is priced above the current market.”

Clean quota sales have eased slightly over the week. With limited demand, prices have remained relatively static. Quota of 4% is trading at about 30ppl with 3.5% at 26.3ppl.

Used quota remains limited and business continues to be very quiet.

With little activity, it now appears to be good value to buy used and lease in rather than buying clean quota, said a spokesman from WebbPaton quota agents – “especially if you still have an income tax bill.”

Quota of 4% butterfat is trading at 23.5ppl and 3.83% at 22.5ppl.

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