Denizens of Britain’s lakes and rivers

AIMED AT the general naturalist, anglers, scientists and those involved with water management, this book* claims to be the first to deal with the detailed occurrence of freshwater fishes in Britain.

The aim is to make fish better known, more appealing and to raise awareness of the vulnerability of some of out rarer native species. The contents are based on information from a project which ran between 1998 and 2002.

Each species is mapped on a 10km grid and is accompanied by a brief description of its characteristics, biology, behaviour and habitat features, distribution and relationship with people.

It will provide new information to those already interested in British freshwater fish and, according to the publishers, “arouse the interest of those not yet hooked”. *

Freshwater Fishes in Britain – The Species and their Distribution. Edited by Cynthia E Davies, Jonathan Shelley, Paul T Harding, Ian F G McLean, Ross Gardiner and Graeme Peirson. Published by Harley Books, 25.

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