DFB denies walkout rumours

DAIRY FARMERS of Britain has denied that disgruntled direct suppliers of Associated Co-operative Creameries are resigning in large numbers after the company was bought by the farmer-owned milk co-op last August.

It had been reported that almost 80% of suppliers to ACC‘s dairy at Fole in Staffs had resigned, but Mike Stevens, membership director at DFB, said this was an exaggeration.

He said in volume terms only about 20% of ACC‘s 675 members had given notice to quit and some of those would still end up joining DFB.

“The fact of the matter is that a lot felt pressured to submit their notices to give themselves time to think.”

ACC members have until Nov 30 to join DFB before their milk price is cut to reflect the 1p/litre levy paid by the co-op‘s members.

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