Diamond barley nod

22 February 2002

Diamond barley nod

WINTER malting barley Diamond has been added to the UK Recommended List after a successful appeal by breeder Nickerson.

Last autumn, it was felt that lower yield and smaller grains than Pearl, plus mildew and rhynchosporium susceptibility, were only slightly compensated for by marginally better malting performance.

But Nickerson disagreed and submitted its package, which saw the variety win recommendation earlier this week. "We demonstrated that Diamond is a significantly better malting variety, not just slightly better," said marketing manager Frank Curtis. "And the grains are not small, they are light. The data showed that screenings had never been a problem."

The Cereal Trials Advisory Committee decision reflects the strong market potential for Diamond, says NIABs Adrian Pickett. Its RL-topping hot water malt extract is a significant 1.8litre degrees/kg ahead of Pearl.

Diamond will be commercially available next autumn, with enough seed to take a 5% market share, says Nickerson. &#42

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