Diet feeder offers contra-flow mixing

31 July 1998

Diet feeder offers contra-flow mixing

TOTAL mixed rations must be made quickly and fed immediately, if cows are to get the full benefit of the nutritional value of the feed, insists Harry West (Prees), which has introduced contra-flow technology on its latest diet feeder.

The mixing elements comprise a full length open frame whose parallel outer bars are fitted with strips of compound rubber which skim the barrel walls and act as the paddles. The frame is attached to a central auger which has a single large diameter flight at its front end. In action, the paddles move the ingredients forward, while the auger brings the material back.

This combination, says the manufacturer, creates a lateral movement of the mix, while the bilateral action introduces a mixing, breaking and pulling action of the material.

It is a system designed to be both quick and efficient enable a mixed diet to be fed out soon after the addition of the last ingredient.

Three versions of the diet feeder are offered, with capacities of 9cu m, 12cu m and 14cu m (12, 16 and 18.6cu yd).

Speed of the contra-flow mixing action on Wests latest diet feeder is designed to enable the ration to be fed soon after the last ingredient has been added. Prices, excluding weighing system, start at £12,095.

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