Dirty abattoirs should be shut

18 July 1997

Dirty abattoirs should be shut

MAFF must close abattoirs found to have consistently low hygiene scores, says a leading exporter.

Responding to the Meat Hygiene Services annual report, Edward Hamer, managing director of Edward Hamer International, said it was unacceptable that 30% of the 329 abattoirs monitored during May failed to achieve the 65% minimum target score. In April 39% of plants scored less than 65%, as did 32.5% in March and 28.6% in February.

"Many of us in the business who spend a fortune on maintaining the highest possible hygiene standards are fed up with a system that allows others to get away with industry image-damaging low scores," said Mr Hamer, whose Powys plant regularly scores 96% in monthly assessments.

"The Minister of Agriculture says he is going to be tough on operators who break the rules, well he should take off the gloves and close down abattoirs that do not reach the Meat Hygiene Service minimum month after month, which includes some export licensed plants." &#42

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