Discs will do three jobs

18 September 1998

Discs will do three jobs

THREE operations – soil mixing, discing and pressing – in one pass from one implement is claimed for the Dutch made Cappon plough press, which made its UK debut at Alconbury.

Distributed by Eastwood Trad-ing of March, Cambs, the press uses discs to condition the soil.

Four discs/furrow are mounted on an out-rigger – attached to the ploughs main frame – and run alongside the bodies, with soil working coming from the disc angle and inter-disc spacing: 30deg and 33mm for heavy land; 45deg and 55mm for light to medium soils. A double acting ram pressurises the discs into work, with operating depth set on stops.

Said to be suitable for most makes of conventional and reversible ploughs, including vari width models, the Cappon press is available in five versions covering plough from 3-7 furrows. &#42

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