Donoughue urges cereal farmers to export

Wednesday, 15 July, 1988

by FWi staff/

CEREAL farmers must develop a pro-active export policy and sell more grain overseas, junior farm minister Lord Donoughue urged today.

Lord Donoughue said that future European Union enlargement would allow other countries greater access to the UK market.

“One of the most important challenges and opportunities is that of securing a greater share of overseas markets for UK produce,” he told diners at the Home-Grown Cereals Authority annual harvest lunch in London.

Tracking regional and world markets and gathering will help farmers forecast where prices are going and whether growing for export is viable, advises Jim Reed, director general of the agricultural supply trade body UKASTA.

Lower prices and the Agenda 2000 proposals for CAP reform mean that markets in the future will be much more volatile. As a result, good marketing is now vital to offset lower cereal prices.

Lord Donoughue is expected to lead trade missions to China and Vietnam laster this year in an effort to promote UK cereal exports.

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