Don’t miss payment application deadline, warns farm minister

Farm minister George Eustice has urged farmers to submit Basic Payment Scheme applications as soon as possible.

Speaking to Farmers Weekly, Mr Eustice insisted growers and livestock producers had all the information they need to submit their applications for at least four weeks.

But some farmers say they have been waiting weeks for paperwork.

The Rural Payments Agency is receiving 1,000 applications a day from farmers across England – with thousands more due before the deadline on 15 June.

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“We have now had over 20,000 applications back but there are another 60,000 we anticipate receiving,” said Mr Eustice.

My message to farmers is that the ball is in your court. If for some reason you haven’t got the right form, call the Rural Payments Agency.

“It is a bank holiday weekend – probably as good a time as any to do that work and settle down and get your application completed.

“If too many people leave it too late, then it will cause pressures on the system.

“My message to farmers is that you can really help us make sure we can pay you – and pay you on time – by making sure you get applications in as soon as possible.”

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