Double rotors add extra chaff spread efficiency

9 February 2001

Double rotors add extra chaff spread efficiency

THERE is more to combine harvester chaff spreaders than just having a pair of spinning discs, it seems.

APH is now marketing a German designed system which is claimed to provide a more efficient spread system than conventional designs.

The Heuling Chaff spreader comprises two rotors which have about two thirds of their base cowling sheeted in. Placed immediately behind the combines sieves in an almost vertical position, short straw and shrivelled grain fall on the lower part of the rotor and are ejected sideways

Light chaff however, buoyed on the air stream, takes the higher route and passes through the upper part of the rotor and through the open part of the cowling. This arrangement, says the manufacturer, prevents any interference with the air flowing through the sieves – an essential part of the separation system.

Suitable for attachment to most modern combines, the chaff spreader unit can be tilted upwards to give access to the sieve area. &#42

Chaff spreading with the Heuling spreader, now available in the UK from APH. Note the upper section of the rotor housing which allows light material to flow through while heavier components are deflected to the sides.

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