Dung N now included in NVZ rates

13 February 1998

Dung N now included in NVZ rates

THE average annual permitted application rate of 250kg/ha (2 cwt/acre) of total nitrogen from organic manure applied to the grass area of a farm within a nitrate vulnerable zone (NVZ) will now have to include an allowance for that deposited in the field by animals.

For individual fields the permitted application is 250kg/ha (2 cwt/acre) a year of organic N, not taking into account that produced by grazed animals.

Affect 68 areas

Details are set out in a final consultation document on the proposed NVZ controls which affect 68 areas in England and Wales. To comply with the EC Nitrate Directive by Dec 19, 1999, farmers within designated areas will be subject to a common Statutory Action Programme from Dec 19, 1998.

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