Early indication of low OSR yield in Yorkshire

1 August 2001

Early indication of low OSR yield in Yorkshire

YORKSHIRE farmer Derek Lamplough has combined 12ha (30 acres) of Gemini oilseed rape, on chalky soil at Foxholes near Scarborough.

The estimated yield is 2.7-3.1t/ha (1.1-1.28t/acre), which is below the five year average for the farm of 3.5t/ha (1.4t/acre).

“Im not sure whether this is the variety or the season, Ill know more when we have cut the Apex and Tenor next week.”

An inspection of the Gemini crop three weeks ago revealed an estimated 15% blank sites on the plants, where there were no pods. “The crop may have compensated for this.”

They should start combining winter barley tomorrow. Regina is being grown for feed and Pearl for malting, which looks a bit thin. Winter wheat should come fit in three weeks.

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