EBLEX urges farmers to apply for waste exemptions as soon as possible

The English Beef and Lamb Executive is urging farmers to register for exemptions under the new Agricultural Waste Regulations as soon as possible.

Farmers are now banned for the burial of all wastes and the burning of most, but the regulations do allow a number of agricultural practices considered to be waste disposal to continue without a licence.

But producers must register with the Environment Agency before 15 May 2007 for specific licence exemptions.

Registering for exemptions is free of charge and the Environment Agency has tried to make it as simple as possible with tick-box registration packs,” said EBLEX scientist Kim Matthews.

“It is, however, concerned that a flood of applications just ahead of next year’s deadline could make it difficult to register all exemptions in time.

“Under these circumstances, EBLEX strongly advises beef and sheep producers to complete their applications as soon as possible rather than leaving them to the last minute and risking registration delays beyond the 15 May 2007 deadline.”

Exemption registration packs and advice on completing them can be obtained by ringing the Environment Agency’s dedicated helpline on 0845 603 3113.

Guidance is also available and registration forms can be downloaded directly from the Agricultural Waste Regulations website page at www.environment-agency.gov.uk/subjects/waste

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