Eco-protestors target biofuel depot

Eco-protestors are trying to shut down one of England’s biggest biofuel depots.

Campaigners from the Climate Camp event in Kent are targeting the Greenergy depot at nearby Thurrock, Essex.

The campaigners, who are trying to stop tanker lorries from entering and leaving the depot, claim biofuels will cause runaway climate change if left unchecked.

Greenergy, which supplies Tesco supermarket forecourts, buys rapeseed oil grown by UK farmers as well as biodiesel produced from palm oil overseas.

But environmental campaigner George Monbiot said: “Far from being a solution to climate change, agrofuels are so damaging they make petroleum look green.”

Biofuels were a part of the problem not the solution, he added. “They threaten both to accelerate climate change and to trigger a global humanitarian disaster.”

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