Efficiency key for award winning pigs

29 October 1999

Efficiency key for award winning pigs

WINNERS of the MLCs National Pig Award and David Black Award are &#42 N Butler Farms, East Meon, Hants, and Frances Slade, chairman of Ladies in Pigs, respectively.

Jamie Butler says the running of his 340-sow herd is based on efficiency rather than scale. Average number of pigs a sow a year is 25.3 and feed cost a pig finished is £24.77.

David Black Award winner, Mrs Slade has been chairman of Ladies in Pigs for five years. She has been heavily involved in promoting British Pork through cooking demonstrations in retail outlets and believes innovation is the key to successful pork marketing.

"We need new and exciting ways of presenting pork. We must have a fast, processed pork product that the young will queue for." There are also opportunities for improved marketing of streaky bacon and belly pork, she says. &#42

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