End in sight to beef ban – in Ulster

18 September 1997

End in sight to beef ban – in Ulster

THE European Union (EU) Scientific Veterinary Committee has backed a scheme to resume beef exports – but it is only likely to help exporters in Northern Ireland, where a computerised database of cattle movements exists.

Great Britains database will not be ready until spring.

It is unlikely Northern Ireland exports will resume before New Year because of the length of the political process and the wait for approval by a
majority of other EU states.

There is still hope for the rest of the UK. The vets committee is encouraging another UK proposal for exports of beef from cattle born after August 1 1996.

Agriculture minister Dr Jack Cunningham vowed to get the ban on British beef lifted.

The Independent analyses what yesterdays decision will mean for British farmers outside of Northern Ireland.

The National Farmers Union is concerned about piecemeal lifting of the ban.

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