End of stretch for prison farms

DARTMOOR PRISON has ended nearly 200 years of history by closing its prison farm.

In a government shake up all but two of the 23 prison farms across England and Wales are to close, reports The Times.

The traditional farm activities will be replaced by “modern skills” such as drystone walling, fence building and horticulture.

The change is being made in light of the fact that more inmates are from urban backgrounds and there is a decreasing need for people in agriculture.

Of the 647ha (1600 acres) of Dartmoor‘s prison farm only 11ha (28 acres) will be kept for future teaching programmes.

The remainder will be returned to Prince Charles‘ Duchy of Cornwall estates.

The two prisons which are to keep their fully operational farm units are Usk in South Wales and one in Worcestershire.

Seven other prisons will also keep their livestock units.

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