English tractor maker sells to India

28 July 1998

English tractor maker sells to India

THE Financial Times reports on HST Developments, which is about to have its tractors made in India in volume.

The high-speed tractors are designed for pulling loads along roads as well as trundling around fields. They will be built in a £2 million plant in Madhya Pradesh. HST is building the model in partnership with Gajra Gears, a large Indian gear manufacturer.

About 500 will be built next year, with annual volumes forecast to grow to 6,000 by early next decade.

HSTs tractors have a unique suspension and drive system which gives the machines a speed of up to 40mph. They are also unusual in having three seats, so farmers can take friends and family along for the ride.

The tractors will sell for £5,000, 10-15% more than conventional tractors in India.

HST has about 250 of its “Trantour” tractor units operating in the UK, which were made in a factory in Sandbach, Cheshire. The plant shut in 1987, leaving the market open for JCB, which produces a fast tractor called Fastrac.

  • Financial Times 28/07/98 page 11

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