Committees to review handling of solar PV support

Two influential cross-party committees are to examine the government’s management of solar PV Feed-in Tariffs and have issued a call for evidence from industry and the public.

The environmental audit committee and energy and climate change committee will examine the factors government should consider when setting the rate of future FiTs and are interested in receiving written views on a range of issues, such as:

• Impact to date of solar PV FiTs

• Factors such as jobs created, emissions reductions, energy saving behavioural change

• The government’s management of the current FiTs consultation

• Affordability of solar versus other renewable technologies

• Experience of similar incentive schemes in other countries.

Submissions should be marked “Solar Feed-in Tariff” and sent with a separate covering letter to the environmental audit committee by 23 November 2011. Email

A paper copy should also be sent to:

Clerk of the Committee
Environmental audit committee
House of Commons
7 Millbank

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