Download your free RSPB 2007 calendar screensaver

Most computers are fairly predictable when it comes to the screensavers they offer.

The choice is usually limited to cubes that float around changing colour and shape, stars that rush towards you in a vague impression of flying through space and pipes that randomly migrate from one side of the screen to the other.

All are visually appealing. None are particularly useful – which is where a new screensaver developed by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds and FWi comes in.

Available for free from both FWi and the RSPB websites, the new screensaver acts as an electronic calendar, guaranteed to brighten up your office and add “functionality” to your desk-top experience.

Stunning pictures

In the best tradition of many branded calendars, this one includes stunning pictures of birds – in this case of the feathered variety. Each month when the screensaver pops up, different images appear, including close-ups of both common and rare species, as well as more general rural scenes.

In addition, the screensaver gives key advice on what farmers should be doing to benefit birdlife on their farms throughout the seasons. And it includes key dates from the farming calendar, such as the main shows and events, and deadlines for getting those subsidy claims in.

Simply click on the highlighted text on the screensaver and you will be taken directly to the relevant part of the RSPB or FWi website where more detailed information can be found.

To take advantage of this free offer, click on the links below or visit the RSPB website.

For PC users:

For Mac users: