Eco Friendly pig ark launched

A new 99% environmentally friendly pig ark has been produced for the eco-friendly conscious pig producer and consumer.

The Footprint Eco Pig Ark is the latest offering from Golden River Farms and has been produced to appeal to environmentally conscious consumers who are interested in a self sufficient lifestyle, as well as farmers and other customers interested in pig husbandry.

Comprising of a recycled plastic curved roof over a light, but sturdy recycled purlin frame and recycled HDPE end boards, the Footprint Eco Pig Ark also has a single opening and manual lifting handles. It’s made from fully recycled materials, aside from the fixings, making it 99.9% environmentally friendly.

Golden River Farms is offering the pig ark for £350 and it can be delivered in kit form with all holes pre-drilled.

Paul Jackson, owner and farmer at Golden River Farms, said: “Our pig arks are by far the most successful product in terms of sales on our site and we were really keen to see if we could develop something that would appeal to a more environmentally conscious audience. People within the agricultural industry are always on the lookout for products that are more eco-friendly, which prompted us into developing and manufacturing the Footprint Eco Pig Ark.

“We have already had a huge number of orders for our new eco-friendly pig ark and are excited to see how it will do in the long run. For us though, it’s not about how many we sell, it’s about the role we’ve potentially played in helping the environment that little bit more.”

For more information about the Footprint Eco Friendly Pig, visit Golden River Farms at

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