New 15m wind turbine from Proven could power farmhouse and buildings

The latest wind turbine from East Kilbride manufacturer Proven is the Proven 15.

This 15kW machine is aimed at farms and small industrial units and is said to be capable of meeting the energy needs of six three-bedroom houses, excluding heating.

That means it should be able to power a farmhouse and contribute towards the energy requirement of outbuildings, whether in agricultural use or converted to non-ag use. Excess power can often also be stored and sold to the grid.

The turbine is 15m high with a rotor diameter of 9m. Annual output is quoted as 15,000 to 30,000kWh for an average wind speed of 5m/second. Cost is £45,000 installed and grants may be available to reduce this figure in some areas. More info can be found on

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