Essex farmer makes money from cemetery

29 December 1998

Essex farmer makes money from cemetery

AN Essex farmer is making money from a woodland graveyard created out of arable land.

John Acton, of Wrabness Hall Farm, jointly runs the 7-acre Oakfield Wood site with the Essex Wildlife Trust.

Mr Acton claims to have buried 200 people in his cemetery since he began the project more than two and a half years ago.

Burial, which costs 850, includes collection of the body, the purchase of a biodegradeable chipboard coffin, the digging of the grave and the planting of a memorial tree.

Only oak, ash, field maple, black poplar, wild service, hornbeam and silver birch are permitted to be planted at the site.

Some 8,000 of Mr Actons 22,000 income now comes from his cemetery business.

  • The Times 29/12/98 page 4, page 17 (Leading article)

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