EU re-bases export subsidy HGCA

Wednesday, 10 November, 1999

  • The EU awarded 276,000 tonnes of wheat on 28 October for open-market exports, the largest amount since mid-August. The large increase occurred because the EU grain panel decided to re-base its export subsidy calculation on a higher quality of French wheat.
  • ONIC, the French Cereals Authority has estimated that 450,000-1 million tonnes of wheat could be offered into intervention during the first four to six weeks of the buying season.
  • In contrast, EU barley exports are expected to slow because of reports that Brussels may wait until next year to issue more quantities of free market restitutions.
  • EU wheat markets held steady this week because of intervention.
  • Germany has had a quiet trading week, with prices largely unchanged. Offers into intervention since 3 October have been 43,700t of wheat, 458,900t of rye, and 720,500t of barley.
  • German sellers are gearing up for price support over the forthcoming weeks following reports of limited processor supplies, suggesting demand may improve.
  • Denmarks malting barley prices have been steady, supported by trading mainly with Finland and Sweden.
  • Swedens grain harvest this year is thought to be down from last years level of 5.6m tonnes to 5.1m tonnes, although quality has improved.

    Taken from HGCA weekly MI Bulletin
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