Poll: How would farmers vote in a second Brexit referendum?

Former education secretary Justine Greening has hit the headlines with a call for a fresh referendum on Brexit.

Given the supposed stalemate in Westminster over the government’s plans for an exit deal with the EU, Ms Greening has said the decision should be “given back to the people”.

She has suggested three options to appear on a future ballot paper:

  • Support the Chequers deal, (based on free trade for goods, a common rulebook and a “facilitated customs arrangement”)
  • Remain a member of the EU (paying into the central fund, remaining a member of the single market, with free movement of people and goods)
  • Leave without a trade deal and revert to World Trade Organization rules (paying EU tariffs on exports and setting our own tariffs for imports)

If there was to be a second referendum, how would farmers vote? Take part in our poll.

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