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See the latest news on Brexit government policy affecting the farming and agricultural sectors. Keep up-to-date with the developments on the future of farm subsidies and payments and how Brexit will affect UK imports and exports of food and the availability of the farm labour workforce. Get advice on how to future proof your farm in preparation for the UK leaving the European Community and find out how other farmers are planning for the future.

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'No delays to Welsh Brexit farm subsidy plans'

Policymakers insist they will not delay introducing new ways of delivering agricultural support to Welsh farmers, including the planned phasing out of direct farm subsidies from 2021. The Welsh government…


Slash direct payments to fund agroecology, urges report

Direct payments to farmers would be retained at one-third of current values as part of a radical shift to a sustainable farming system based on agroecology post Brexit. The proposal…


Boris Johnson hints at live exports ban if he’s PM

Boris Johnson has hinted he could ban live animal exports after Brexit if he becomes prime minister. Speaking at a leadership hustings event in Kent on Thursday evening (11 July),…

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Expert advice on tendering for a farm tenancy ahead of Brexit

Scrutinising tenancy agreements, checking break clauses and taking on critical business planning are all key to submitting a tender amid the Brexit turmoil. Despite the uncertainties, there has been a…


Business Clinic: Using arable profits to prepare for Brexit

Whether you have a legal, tax, insurance, management or land issue, Farmers Weekly’s Business Clinic experts can help. Here, Mark Chatterton of accountant Duncan & Toplis advises on the tax…


What are the prospects for the UK meat industry post-Brexit?

Brexit offers opportunities to exploit the potential of British red meat production. But overcoming trade barriers, investing in processing capacity and meeting market requirements will take time and a change…


3 ways dairy farmers can ensure a future for farming

Sustainability of farming was a focus at the recent Sustainable Food Trust conference in Llandovery and a Nestle conference in Vevey, Switzerland. Cumbria dairy farmer Robert Craig discusses some of the…


Analysis: How UK growers can face Brexit challenges

The UK cereal sector needs to improve competitiveness to cope with the post-Brexit world. It also needs to improve productivity and develop better trust in the supply chain. Furthermore, the…


How to review your business to prepare for Brexit

Lower subsidy prospects and Brexit uncertainty mean farm businesses need to identify the main issues affecting them and how these might be managed. “Change may seem daunting, but farmers who…

Case studies

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Budget for Brexit in a brave new world of lower subsidies

In the second part of our series on planning for Brexit, we examine one of the biggest farming operations in the UK and how it is preparing for life outside…


How an award-winning arable farm is preparing for Brexit

Arable growers are likely to have a six-year breathing space to prepare for the ending of EU-style area-based subsidies, and for the brave new world of a UK farming support package…


Farming without subsidy - New Zealand's experience

UK farmers must seize the opportunity of Brexit to ramp up productivity and become more competitive, industry leaders have been told. Former New Zealand agriculture minister Sir Lockwood Smith suggested…


Future of subsidies: Collaborate to cope with lower support

In the second of our series on coping with lower subsidies, David Jones talks to one arable farmer, who is also chairman of his local grain co-operative, about his long-term plans…


Future of subsidies: Rely on contractors and diversify crops

In the first of a series of articles on how to cope with an expected lower level of subsidy, we talk to a Cambridgeshire grower who is preparing for life…


How a post-Brexit staff shortage could affect horticulture

When award-winning vegetable grower Joe Rolfe needs his brassicas weeding, an army of people descend by the busload on the farm. Horticulture is notoriously labour intensive – and even more…


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Brexit analysis: AHDB forecasts rise in farm labour costs

Rising labour costs and falling production are likely to trigger a fall in farm business income for just about all farm types post Brexit, whether the UK leaves with a…


Farmers will pay the price if a no-deal Brexit prevails

Rejection of prime minister Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement by MPs earlier this week, and the subsequent vote on Thursday (14 March) to extend Article 50, has prolonged the uncertainty surrounding the terms…


10 risks a post-Brexit US trade deal poses to the UK

The Soil Association says it has identified 10 threats from a possible US trade deal after the UK leaves the European Union. UK environmental and animal welfare standards could be…


How farming has changed since it was last outside the EU

It’s hard to predict what the future holds for the agricultural industry, as the clock ticks down to the UK leaving the European Union. Assuming that the UK does actually…


Why the price of lamb could drop by one-third after March

Sheep farmers will suffer a devastating 30% cut to the value of lamb if the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement, the AHDB has warned. At current prices,…


Industry leaders clash over outlook for food and farming

Fears that British farmers will face a flood of substandard food imports were a key topic at the Oxford Farming Conference – as politicians and industry leaders clashed over the…


Outlook 2019: What Brexit uncertainty means for farm profits

The UK has high employment rates but a challenging economic background. Across the wider economy, a very free labour market offers confidence to employers to take on workers. However, many…


What Brexit means for farm input supplies

Growers and livestock producers are being urged by the Agricultural Industries Confederation to secure farm input supplies for next spring now amid increasing uncertainty over Brexit. Imports of inputs will…


How will the EU withdrawal agreement affect farmers?

After two years of negotiations, Downing Street and Brussels have finally reached a draft agreement on the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, together with a joint political declaration on their…


Agriculture Bill seeks better deal for farmers in supply chain

The new Agriculture Bill, tabled in parliament just over a week ago, commanded a large number of column inches in the national and specialist media, mainly focused on the government’s continuing…


Interview: Lib Dem leader Vince Cable on Brexit and farming

As well as being leader of the Liberal Democrats and a former cabinet minister, Sir Vince Cable is well versed in the fundamentals of farming; his wife Rachel Smith raised…