Euroland holds promise of plenty

12 January 1999

‘Euroland holds promise of plenty’

THE senior agricultural manager for the Royal Bank of Scotland believes that Europe is a land of opportunity for British farming.

Jimmy McLean told the Semex conference in Glasgow that Britain should look to get into the “Eurozone” as quickly as possible, if the new currency turns out to be sound.

Mr McLean expressed reservations about the level of the Pound at entry. but was generally hopeful about prospects for British agriculture.

He was also confident about profitability in the sector in the coming year because of the downward trend in the pound.

Professor Martyn Evans, director of the Scottish Consumer Council, told delegates that reassuring consumers was key to future food marketing.

Prof Evans was particularly critical of the poor record of the poultry processing plants.

  • The Herald 12/01/99 page 22

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