Even better, as pony-mad Carol carries on driving

13 November 1998

Even better, as pony-mad Carol carries on driving

THE best yet, is this reviewers verdict on Mary Mays latest book*. This is the Wiltshire farmers wife and livery yard proprietors fifth book and the fourth about Carol, a pony-mad youngster.

Marys first book about Carol begins as she leaves hospital after a motor accident which has left her crippled for life. She faces up to the fact that she cannot ride anymore and discovers the pleasure of carriage driving. In the second book Carols driving career progresses, she finds a suitable pony and a show-quality vehicle and makes her mark in the show ring. Holiday adventures for Carol and her friend Patsy are the subject of the third book. The latest one advances their driving career, moving them on to driving pairs with Carol driving on equal terms with her able-bodied contemporaries.

Its an even livelier book, leading quickly but naturally from one crisis, challenge or excitement to the next. The group of friends widens and includes boys as well as girls. The author seems to write with more confidence and the children appear more realistic.

Money raised from

Marys books about

Carol helps disabled

people take up carriage

driving and have

a lot of fun through

the Riding for the


Association. AR

*One for silver, two for gold by Mary May, published by Manor Acre. Available from Manor Farm, Collingbourne Kingston, near Marlborough, Wilts SN8 3SD (£7.75) inc p&p. You may buy all four books in the series together, at the reduced price of £25 plus £3.20 p&p.

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