Express launches 100,000 milk bottle

21 June 1999

Express launches ‘£100,000 milk bottle’

By Vicky Houchin

IN THE first significant change for almost 30 years, Express Dairies has re-designed the milk bottle in a 15-month project said to have cost the company £100,000.

The traditional slimline bottle will be replaced by a revamped dumpy bottle aimed at providing better “grip-ability” for customers and milkmen.

Nick Goss, marketing director at Express Dairies, said the new design would mean easier handling for all ages especially those who found picking up bottles difficult.

“One of [our customers] main concerns when picking up a milk bottle from the doorstep was it slipping out of their hand, particularly if it was a wet or frosty morning,” he said.

Changes include the addition of shoulders to the bottle and a slimmer waist.

But what is perhaps the biggest change to the bottle is the loss of that familiar “clink” because the wider bottles fit into their crates more tightly.

Mr Goss said that a lower fill mark would also make pouring smaller quantities of milk easier.

He refused to comment industry speculation that the new design had cost Express Dairies £100,000, but admitted that the bill ran to several thousands of pounds.

“The sum that we have spent on it demonstrates our confidence in doorstep milk and our commitment to our customers,” said Mr Goss.

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