Extra advice for nematicide use

BAYER CROPSCIENCE has extended its programme of nematicide stewardship training courses following strong demand from growers.

Four extra courses will be run next week (w/c March 21) in Yorkshire, Cambridge, Herefordshire and Shropshire.

The three month programme was launched last December and aims to give potato, carrot and parsnip growers practical advice on incorporating nematicides, said the firm‘s Bill Lankford.

“Growers attending will learn some simple practical steps to achieve full incorporation on headlands to eliminate environmental hazard.

“The programme has been extended by a week to ensure that, where possible, anyone wanting to attend training prior to 2005 planting is accommodated.”

Feedback from previous meetings has highlighted the keenness of growers to get machine calibration right and ensure products are applied to the best effect, the firm said.

Growers interested should call Bayer Assist on 0845 6092266.

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