Farm accounts get the digital treatment

By Farmers Weekly staff

MANY on-farm computers now run accounts software packages which contain most of the information needed to produce end-of-year results.

That is why accountant Grant Thornton believes its unique data transfer and accounts production package could save time and worry, and reduce accountancy charges.

The companys Farm Accounts Link package is geared to taking electronic data from programs such as Farm Plan, Hylton Nomis, Sum-It and Landmark Systems Key Accounts.

This is then converted into its standard accounts with a gross margin format.

“A farmer only has to input the data once and send us the disk, and we will do the rest,” says Grant Thorntons national agricultural co-ordinator, Lucinda Dale.

“There is no need for any further inputting of data by an accountant at the end of the year, so time-consuming duplication and the risk of transcription errors are avoided.

“Ten years ago just a handful of farmers were using accounts software, but now many more are benefiting from them and we can help by taking some of the load off their shoulders.”

The no-cost service is now being used by several hundred farming clients, she says.

  • Grant Thorntons package – and a host of others – will be on display at Farm IT

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