Farm Force enjoys block buster of an anniversary party

12 June 1998

Farm Force enjoys block buster of an anniversary party

PLOUGH mounted furrow presses can now be transported on the tractors hydraulic front linkage without having to drop the counter balance, following the launch of Farm Force Engineerings Block Buster drive-in front weight.

Unveiled along with other new products at a recent open day to mark the companys 10th anniversary, the Block Buster consists of a single, 500kg (1102lb) cast iron block. It also incorporates an integral manually retracted and extended parking stand, enabling it to be attached and dropped off from the tractor seat.

Employed as a counter-balance when ploughing and pressing, the Block Buster is carried conventionally on the tractors front linkage.

To transport the furrow press, the weight is dropped off by lowering it onto its extended stand. It is then picked up between the link arms, behind the hooks – where it is locked into place by the retraction of the stand – leaving the claws free to carry the furrow press.

Other new attachments launched on the day consisted of an economy, 1t capacity front linkage for tractors from 40-60hp and a 5t model for power units in the 400hp bracket. Both feature hydraulically folding arms.

On the implement front, Farm Force introduced a hydraulically folding version of its 3m (10ft) Simple press. Front mounted on a permanently attached frame, the units outer wings fold to provide a transport width of 2.6m (8.6ft). Not much of a reduction, but crucial the company says, for those regions where narrow roads are the norm.

With the drive-in Block Buster, plough-mounted furrow presses can be transported without dropping the front weight. Price £895.

Two 30cm-wide outer wings on the latest 3m Simple press are folded hydraulically to give a transport width of 2.6m. At £4600, folding adds £1000 to the price of the rigid version.

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