NFU launches foot and mouth compensation claims

The NFU has launched foot and mouth compensation claims against Merial and the Institute of Animal Health, the two organisations at the centre of the disease outbreak in August.

Letters have been sent by lawyers Thring, Townsend, Lee and Pembertons, representing nearly 1000 NFU members with claims ranging from additional feed to others which detail far greater losses.

Although no figures have been included in the ‘letters before action’, farmers are currently liaising with accountants to formulate losses and NFU president Peter Kendall has suggested total compensation will amount to a ‘lot of money’.

Speaking on the BBC’s Farming Today programme on Tuesday (13 November), Mr Kendall went on to add: “We are determined to throw the kitchen sink at this to ensure farmers are properly compensated.”

Lawyer Derek Walsh said: “Best case scenario would be for the two organisations to come forward with a joint proposal for compensation. However, more realistically they may want to dispute claims.”