Petition in support of National Fallen Stock scheme draws farmer support

A second petition has been started on the 10 Downing Street website about the issue of fallen stock – but this time it calls for the National Fallen Stock Scheme to continue.

The petition, which has so far attracted 632 signatures, calls for the Prime Minister to ensure that the farmer run Fallen Stock Scheme continues to operate beyond November 2008 for the benefit of all UK livestock farmers.

This is in contrast to a first petition which called on the Prime Minister to scrap the National Fallen Stock Scheme and reinstate on farm burial as a green initiative.

This first petition has, to date, attracted 819 signatures.

The petition in support of the scheme, started by a member of staff at the NFSCo, points out that since it began in November 2004 it has distributed nearly £15million of government funding to farmers.

“Our membership continues to grow and as of the beginning of May we have nearly 43,000 active members.

“The scheme has shown that working in partnership with government really can benefit the industry.

“It has to be remembered that disbanding the Fallen Stock Scheme will not change the law. Fallen stock will still require disposal via a legal route.

“The scheme not only offers a simple option to comply with the law but is also tailored to help reduce the financial and administrative burden to the farming industry.”

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