Prince Charles speaks out on behalf of farming

Prince Charles has urged consumers to buy more regional produce, during an interview with the BBC which has been widely broadcast on the radio, TV and on the internet.

The Prince of Wales said small family farms were “vital” for the preservation of the English countryside and rural communities and that he believed in “food security”.

“I think we would be foolish to expect that we can import everything from somewhere else and imagine that this is going to last forever, and ever and ever,” he said.

“If we remove all that we have lost something terribly important.”

The prince said consumers could “make a huge difference” by the choices made when shopping, which could push retailers into sourcing more British food.

It was “incredible” that way British food had developed over the last 10 years, he told the BBC’s environment correspondent Sarah Mukherjee during the exclusive interview.

But Prince Charles also voiced fears for the industrialisation of farming, and said agriculture must be thought of as a “culture” and not an industry.

“We’ve got to be a bit careful otherwise we could end up completely industrialising the landscape because it is efficient,” he said.

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