SAC takes over Scrapie monitoring scheme

The Scrapie Monitoring Scheme is now being administered by SAC through the Premium Sheep and Goat Health Scheme (PSGHS), operating from Inverness.

The scheme was previously administered by DEFRA and those who have certificates due to expire in 2009 will have new ones issued by SAC PSGHS, providing their flocks and herds continue to show freedom from disease.

Scrapie is a brain disease of sheep and goats that has been recognised for many years. Although it is of no known threat to man, since BSE in cattle EU governments have operated scrapie monitoring and eradication schemes.

In November 2008 DEFRA asked existing members of the scheme to sign a declaration to release information to SAC. If this has not been done it is vital that SMS clients who are keen to remain members contact PSGHS.