VIDEO: DEFRA loses 20,979 cows (and a toaster)

DEFRA has lost £160,192 worth of items since 1997 – including 122 laptops, 15 projectors, 5 digital cameras and a toaster.

Responding to a parliamentary question from Tory MP Bill Wiggin, former DEFRA minister Jonathan Shaw also admitted that the department has lost track of 20,979 cows on the Cattle Tracing System. 

He admitted that there are an additional 1,039 animals they can’t account for because their final destination remains unreported.

Peter Ainsworth, the Conservatives’ shadow environment secretary, said: “DEFRA’s performance would do credit to Little Bo Peep.

“How can the public trust a department which can’t be replied upon to keep the most basic of items safe?”

To view the full list of lost items, check out the FW team’s video:


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