World Food Crisis raises questions among UK farmers

Press coverage of a ‘World Food Crisis’ has sparked a series of lively discussions among farmers on the FWiSpace forums.

A number of themes are emerging which include:

  • Why has it take politicians so long to realise that might be a problem?
  • Is there going to be a return to production-based subsidies to make sure there is enough food in the world?
  • Would there be a problem if retailers, processors and consumers wasted less food?
  • Is food really that expensive – particularly in the developed world?

Prime Minister Gordon Browhn’s food summit has also got producers talking with Kansasfarmer reporting that was a piece on the Fox News website on Monday (21 April) about some of the large bulk retailers limiting the amount of rice, flour and cooking oil people can purchase at one time in the USA.

You can catch up with what farmers are saying about food shortages and the food summit and join the debate yourself.