Farmer hopes hes backed a winner

20 November 2001

Farmer hopes hes backed a winner

By FWi staff

A FARMER is taking a flutter with his foot-and-mouth compensation and restocking his farm with racehorses.

John Millican, of Little Brampton, near Carlisle, Cumbria, could not face rebuilding his cattle and sheep business, reports the Daily Express.

Instead, he will spent about 80,000 of his compensation on 11 thoroughbreds, which he believes will be more profitable than going back to livestock.

Ive gone into racing to make money, said Mr Millican. I know that its an expensive game, but its better than farming.

Meanwhile, The Times reports on how the owners of Phoenix the calf have fared since the photogenic Charolais made the headlines in the summer.

After apparently surviving a lethal injection administered during the foot-and-mouth cull, a campaign ensured that Phoenix was spared.

But while Phoenix is enjoying life at Clarence farm, Axminster, Devon, owners Philip and Michaela Board have decided to quit farming.

We cant go back to farming now, said Mr Board, whose family have farmed at Clarence farm for 60 years. Its sad, but its a lot of work for nothing.

Mr Board said the colossal amount of red tape involved in farming depressed him even more than the prospect of starting over.

But while Mr Board may concentrate on a heavy-plant firm he runs, he has promised his wife that they will never sell Phoenix.

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