Farmer poll: How much AHDB levy are you prepared to pay?

The amount farmers and processors pay to fund the work of the AHDB is up for review, with the organisation due to present its proposals to levy payers this autumn.

The conversation started in June of this year, with the AHDB explaining that there has been no increase in the levy rates charged for over decade.

As a result, spending power has reduced by about 40% over that time.

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The sector councils have been talking to stakeholders and levy payers over the summer to sound out what sort of increase for 2024 might be acceptable, to fund its new work priorities.

An announcement is believed to be imminent.

But what increase do grassroots farmers believe would be acceptable, to enable the AHDB to deliver all that is being asked of it?

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Current AHDB levy rates for farmers

Cattle (£/head)   4.05
Sheep (p/head) 60
Pigs (p/head) 85
Dairy (p/litre) 0.06
Cereals (p/t) 46
Oilseeds (p/t) 75
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