Farmer sprays slurry at Emma Thompson at anti-fracking demo

Emma Thompson speaking to a police officer

Emma Thompson speaks to a police officer following the incident © John Cobb/Greenpeace

Oscar-winning actress Emma Thompson narrowly escaped being pelted with slurry while she took part in an anti-fracking demonstration.

Ms Thompson, 57, and her sister Sophie had been taking part in the protest in a field earmarked for gas exploration in Kirkham, Lancashire.

They lent their support to a “Frack Free Bake Off” staged by Greenpeace in protest over energy firm Cuadrilla’s plans to drill for shale gas on two sites in the area.

However, the group ignored an injunction obtained by Cuadrilla to keep protesters off the site, which has stood in place since 2014.

An angry farmer, who leases the field, decided to take aim at the sisters and the Greenpeace protestors.

Emma Thompson with her sister Sophie at the protest

Emma Thompson with her sister Sophie at the protest © John Cobb Greenpeace

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The stunned activists dived for cover as the angry farmer jumped in his tractor and drove round the makeshift camp, spraying them with a stream of slurry.

But Ms Thompson and her sister, who won Celebrity Masterchef two years ago, were baking energy-themed cakes and were protected from the slurry by a gazebo.

Lancashire Police said officers attended the scene “for safety reasons”, but no arrests were made.

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