Farmers ‘legends’ for clearing snow-filled roads

Farmers have been labelled “legends” by grateful members of the public for their efforts to clear snow from roads.

Hundreds of farmers across the country have been working alongside emergency services and councils to clear snow drifts from impassable roads.

The public have paid tribute to farmers on social media, labelling them “legends” and “heroes” for assisting with snow clearance.

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In Cambridgeshire, keen runner Paul Hammond uploaded a video on his Twitter account (@mr_paulhammond) of a farmer using a telehandler with a snow plough attached to clear a road between Isleham and Fordham.

“Farmers are legends! #fact,” Mr Hammond tweeted.

In Northamptonshire, the BCH Road Policing (@roadpoliceBCH) team uploaded a video of another farmer using a Manitou telehandler and bucket to clear a snow-filled road between Northborough and Peterborough.

Officers said the road had been unpassable without a 4×4 vehicle, adding that numerous vehicles had been towed out after becoming trapped in the snow.

NHS workers have also tweeted their appreciation to farmers for their efforts.

The East of England Ambulance Service told how farmers had cleared drifted snow to allow a team of three to get to Saxmundham and dispatch more ambulances.

In Greater Manchester, commuter Phil Harris (@philnharris) recounted how farmers had assisted mountain rescue teams and emergency crews to clear the snow-filled A62 road on Thursday night (1 March).

Elsewhere, about 100 volunteer farmers in Hampshire and 50 in Surrey are working with snow ploughs attached to tractors to supplement the work of the highways winter fleet.

In Monmouthshire, south Wales, 19 farmers are working with council teams to clear roads in the county.

In Scotland, Agrovista agronomist and first generation farmer Ben Lowe reported that farmers were using tractors to clear snow in front of firefighters attending an emergency call in East Lothian.

Watching from afar in the Ukraine, expat agronomist Mike Lee suggested that farmers clearing snow from roads should be considered a “public good” under Defra secretary Michael Gove’s Brexit vision.

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