Farmers, manufacturers in spending plea

12 July 2000

Farmers, manufacturers in spending plea

By FWi staff

AN “unlikely alliance” of farmers and industrialists has received widespread media coverage after it called on the government to change its economic policy.

The alliance, which represents about one-fifth of the UK economy, says the last Budget led to increased interest rates, exacerbating the strength of the Pound.

The National Farmers Union believes that the governments spending plans threaten to cost producers 150 million, FWi reported on Tuesday (11 July).

NFU officials have teamed up with engineering employers, the UK Steel Association, aerospace companies and machine tool groups to press their case.

The group wants the government to switch current spending of 12.5bn into spending on investment that would benefit industry, reports The Times.

The Daily Mail says: “Britains beleaguered farmers have forged an unlikely alliance with hard-pressed engineers.”

Similar coverage appears in The Guardian. It says: “Britains farmers yesterday forged an unprecedented alliance with the countrys leading steel users.”

The Ministry of Agriculture has warned that farming is likely to miss out when the government announces its Comprehensive Spending Review next week.

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