Faucheux loaders have the benefits of booms

2 March 2001

Faucheux loaders have the benefits of booms

FRENCH manufacturer Faucheux has developed a new range of tractor loaders which exploit some of the benefits normally accredited to telescopic booms.

The new loaders are equipped with a two-section folding boom, which allow useful lift heights to be achieved, but avoids having long, ungainly loader frames sticking out from the front of tractors when a loader is not in use.

Designated Geostar, the range includes the 80, 100 and 200 models which offer maximum lift heights of 4.6m, 4.8m and 5m, respectively. Lift capacities are rated at 1.25t, 1.5t and 1.75t.

When operated to full height, the front half of the boom is raised by two hydraulic rams to 3m. At this point, the loaders second section is raised by another pair of cylinders until maximum height is reached.

The automated sequence is carried out by three sensors positioned along the length of the boom. These relay information to a central computer which regulates oil flow to the required hydraulic rams.

Parallel geometry ensures the bucket or grab remains level during the lifting and lowering cycle, and an automatic dump facility allows buckets to tip at the full lift height.

Requiring 80hp to 120hp to operate, the loaders are operated by a joystick, while a digital display indicates front end loads and load pressures.

A further function allows the crowd rams to shake front-end attachments for emptying. A compensating facility ensures uneven loads are balanced, half bucket loads, for example.

The Geostar 200 costs £9800, 40% more than conventionally designed loaders. &#42

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