Feed sector requires right types as well

23 April 1999

Feed sector requires right types as well

IT is not just milling markets that preferred variety segregation, explained Mick Hazzledine, technical and marketing director at Dalgety Feed.

"Despite wheat being of major importance to the animal feed sector the majority of that currently purchased is rejected from other premium homes."

A rye gene present in some wheat varieties can have a significant impact on growth performance in young chickens, requiring the addition of an enzyme to counteract this.

"Soissons is an excellent wheat for feeding chickens. Riband and Hereward are also very good, while Rialto can cause problems unless the enzyme is added," explained Mr Hazzledine. "This enzyme has an equivalent value of £1.60/t of wheat which gives opportunity for traders to offer premiums for certain feed wheat varieties."

Wheat is not a consistent commodity for the compounder, he noted. But at 60% inclusion in the typical broiler feed formulation, and with that market rapidly expanding, it needs to be," he concluded. &#42

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