Feeder/bedder series

20 February 1998

Feeder/bedder series

KUHN Farm Machinerys Altor feeder/bedding machines have been developed as dual purpose units to feed silage, or distribute straw into cubicles.

Designated Altor 8060 and 11050, both machines can handle round and square bales, and clamped silage. Kuhn adds the smaller machine requires a minimum of about 65hp to operate, while the larger 11050 needs 75hp.

Optional on the 8060 and standard on the larger machine is a self-contained hydraulic system. In addition to driving conveying equipment and chopping knives, the hydraulic system powers an ejection turbine, which can propel straw up to a distance of 15m (50ft).

The £18,250 Altor 11050 comes as standard with a hydraulic rear loading door to enable self-loading of round bales. The smaller Altor 8060 costs £14,010. &#42

Silage and straw can be handled by Kuhns Altor feeding/bedding machines.

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