#FeedTheNation: Morrisons gives 5% discount to farmer suppliers

Morrisons has announced a series of measures to say thank you to British farmers helping to #FeedTheNation during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Bradford-based supermarket chain is offering a 5% discount to its 2,700 farmer suppliers when they buy their own groceries.

The initiative aims to support its hardworking farmers and their families and will run until at least mid-July, when it will be reviewed.

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Those eligible for the discount include livestock farmers supplying lamb, beef and pork, fruit and veg growers and egg farmers supplying Morrisons direct, and dairy farmers with a Morrisons contract.

The retailer will also open a summer “BBQ and Steak Bar” in its stores from Thursday 30 April – providing another fillip to struggling British farmers and promoting a wider selection of steaks, joints and seafood.

Morrisons butcher holding a roasting joint

Morrisons chief executive David Potts said: “This is a difficult time for the nation and it’s a very difficult time for farmers.

“We’re the biggest supermarket customer for British farmers and they continue to provide very good quality British food in the face of very real challenges.

“We want to show our thanks for all their work in feeding the nation and encourage our customers to buy British food.”

Trade affected

Customer demand and industry prices for certain foods have fallen dramatically since the lockdown started – as one-third was destined for the restaurant and catering trade, which has temporarily closed. 

Meat producers have been unable to sell certain products, including high quality steaks and joints that would have been destined for the restaurant trade.

Morrisons has 494 stores serving 12 million customers each week. It is British farming’s biggest supermarket customer and its own-brand fresh meat is 100% British.

Will Jackson, AHDB Beef & Lamb strategy director, said: “The summer BBQ and steak bar approach supports and neatly sits alongside other industry promotional activities including a social media campaign to encourage shoppers to enjoy #steaknight.

“As we move from spring into this summer, in particular shoppers may well be looking for a treat and what better than fantastic beef and lamb.”


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