Ferrag goes wide

3 October 1997

Ferrag goes wide

COMBINING a cultivator and drill is a theme not lost on Ferrag. The company used Tillage 97 to show its 6m (20ft) Accord DF2 air drill in combination with a Rau XM cultivator.

The hydraulically folding, fully mounted combination requires a tractor over 150hp to operate, with weight distribution achieved by front-mounting the 1650-litre capacity seed hopper.

Final seed-bed preparation by the XM cultivator is carried out by a front levelling board followed by three rows of tines and a 50cm diameter crumbler roller. A toolbar with seed distribution head, suspended on a three-point linkage behind the cultivator, carries the drills coulters.

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Cultivator drilling with Ferrags DF2 6m wide combination.

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